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Panotriptych Cheetah Conservation Fund

Shot with Hasselblad X1D



Cheetah Conservation Fund


CCF Panotriptych

Dr. Laurie Marker

Cheetah Conservation Fund / Namibia

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The Cheetah Conservation Fund is the world’s leading organization dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild. Founded by Dr. Laurie Marker in 1990, CCF has created a set of integrated programs aimed at addressing the principle threats to the cheetah, which are human-wildlife conflict, habitat loss, loss of prey and illegal wildlife trafficking.

CCF’s conservation programming is rooted in scientific research and maintains a research program on the biology, ecology and genetics of cheetahs that publishes papers in peer-reviewed journals annually, and currently operates the only fully-equipped genetics lab at an in-situ conservation facility in Africa.

Using this research as an underpinning, CCF has created a set of integrated programs that together address the threats both to the cheetah and its entire ecosystem, including human populations. CCF operates from the principal that only by securing the future of the communities that live alongside the cheetah can you secure a future for the cheetah. Helping people helps cheetahs.

Dr. Laurie Marker

July 10-15, 2017 Otjiwarango, Namibia

We worked with the amazing team of Dr. Laurie Marker, founder of the Cheetah Conservation Fund to capture the complex and multi-faceted work that keeps the cheetahs thriving and the communities safe. Not only did we get really close to the fastest land animal on earth, but we also managed to get a herd of undisciplined goats camera ready.

Making Off CCF
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