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Panotriptych Damien Mander



International anti-poaching Foundation


Shot with Hasselblad X1D

IAPF Panotriptych

Damien Mander

International Anti-Poaching Foundation / Zimbabwe 

 The International Anti-Poaching Foundation, founded by Damien Mander in 2009, advocates the use of military equipment and tactics for the training of anti-poaching rangers and the protection of endangered wildlife. High Target Species such as elephant, rhino, tiger and gorilla are being hunted to extinction. These animals are the most difficult to protect, as poachers go to the most extreme lengths to kill them.


Anti-poaching rangers form the first and last line of defense for nature. Without the right training, equipment, management and support they cannot defend the world’s natural heritage for future generations. The IAPF fulfills this niche responsibility within its areas of operations, whilst working alongside credible partners who specialize in the other vital components of conserving protected area biodiversity.

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Damien Mander

June 25-30, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Out in the bush, not far from the Zambezi river, we created the anti-poaching Panotriptych with Damien Mander, founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, and his team of highly trained anti-poaching rangers. Thanks to their 24/7 patrols at the Stanley and Livingston private game reserve, black-rhinos are free and safe to roam the wilderness. Portraying the work of the IAPF rangers was the goal of our first Panotriptych.

Making off IAPF
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