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Panotriptych Rhino Pride Foundation




Rhino Pride Foundation / South Africa

The Rhino Pride Foundation, founded by specialist wildlife veterinarian Dr. Jana Pretorius in 2015, tackles the devastating rhino poaching crisis head-on with a pre-emptive approach. Realizing that most anti-poaching solutions focused only on the aftermath of poaching, Dr. Pretorius established the Foundation to implement immediate, practical, ground-level preventative measures that would protect rhinos from poachers effectively and reliably.


RPF works to create and utilize layered security sanctuaries with ultra-secure perimeters, high-tech early warning systems with buffer zones and technology to track and stop poachers. The ultimate goal is to enable reaction teams to locate and apprehend poachers before they can gain access to the reserves. As well as saving wildlife, this tech-based approach minimizes the human cost of anti-poaching efforts in a war where too many lives are lost.

©Leoni Jacobs

rhino pride foundation


Dr. Jana Pretorius
RPF Panotriptych

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Shot with Hasselblad X1D

July 6-9, Bela Bela, South Africa

We met 37 gentle beasts, aka white rhinos, peacefully eating alfalfa within a double-fenced high-security enclosure created by Dr. Jana Pretorius, founder of the Rhino Pride Foundation. Jana believes in preventative measures for rhino conservation and aims to create safe havens where rhinos can be protected and shielded from poachers. RPF’s Panotriptych features RPF trustee and wildlife vet Dr. Gerhardus Scheepers and the RPF team, taking care and feeding orphan rhinos, conducting a top level veterinary check-up on a rhino bull and installing surveillance cameras along the high tech security fence to keep poaches at bay.

Making Off RPF
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